Techno Diasoft is a reliable technology partner for its customers and a team of like-minded people for its employees.

Certified IT company

15 years on the market

Wide range of solutions

Innovative development for business

Techno Diasoft is a company of professionals who are not afraid to seek and find non-trivial solutions in their own way, and implement bold projects. Every day we dedicate to creating IT products for people, making their lives more mobile, convenient and successful. Our company is growing every year: new specialists come to us, new projects appear, we are chosen by large banks, financial companies and innovative enterprises.

Work in our company is not only the development of large-scale, highly loaded IT products that have established regulations, but also the possibility to implement interesting tasks that require a creative approach and non-standard solutions.

We create professional development conditions for specialists of any skill level, support career growth within the company with a choice of various projects. Each employee has the opportunity to grow to project manager through passing on the experience, knowledge and values of Techno Diasoft to their colleagues.

Join us!

Company for IT talents

If you feel confident in the IT sphere and our spirit is close to you, we will be glad to invite you in the team!

Developers for IT

If you not only write but also think in Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, C++, Swift, C#, PHP, come join us for the large-scale and high-tech product development experience!

iOS/Android developers

If you're ready to change faster than the world, anticipate change before it happens, maybe even fight for independence and customize platforms, we'd love to have you in our team!


Are you interested to grow as an analyst? We always have projects for specialists who know how to translate from customer language to programming language, and vice versa.

QA specialists

Do you agree that QUALITY lies not only in the correct coding, but also in the efficient schemes of people's interaction? If you "grew up" from a tester and want to organize a team for results - then this is your job!

DevOps engineers

Are you able to pull together all parts of the process when creating a product? To consider problems from multiple perspectives? We will provide a field of work, recognition and decent pay.

Kotlin Developers

If you have at your command not only Kotlin, but Java, C/C++ and SQL, and also know what is Gradle and Android Studio, - then we have interesting projects and tasks for you.

Our history

Techno Diasoft was established in 2008 by two Russian companies with over twenty years of experience in financial sector automation - Diasoft and Technos-K.

From 2012 to 2022, our company was an official participant of the Skolkovo innovation project.

The company's flagship product developed as the platform is the xBank automated banking system - a solution that provides centralized provision of the entire range of retail banking services and supports the related intrabank activities.

In 2012, xBank was introduced in two large subdivisions of Sberbank of Russia: the North-Western and West-Urals territorial banks, covering 10 large constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

We are proud to grow more than 3 times since 2020, overcoming all crises and not slowing down the pace of our progress, becoming an indispensable partner in the technology sector.

Successful cooperation with Sberbank of Russia has led to the fulfillment of our project commitments totaling more than 3 billion rubles.

In 2022, Techno Diasoft has strengthened its position and remains a reliable and long-term IT partner for Sberbank.

Over the past year, more than 20 new projects have appeared in our portfolio, which include advanced and innovative business solutions. We strive to stay at the forefront of technological trends and are ready to offer unique solutions that will help our clients become leaders in their industry.

Since September 2022, Techno Diasoft has become a resident of INTC MSU Vorobyovy Gory.
We have created xBank - a unique platform:

800 mln.

active accounts

> 4.5 bln.


120 TB.

database size

More about it in the Products section.

Our formula for economic and financial stability

That's why we are 100% confident in tomorrow

  • 1
    Close cooperation with major federal and regional banks
  • 2

    Continuous investments in the new technologies

  • 3

    Automation of internal processes

Our projects
What's in it for you personally?

A team of professionals invites you into our world. Here we make not just the essential IT products for banking, but also the products of the future.


  • Opportunity to earn good money without looking for part-time jobs
  • Official employment (cooperation for single project is also possible)
  • "White" salary 2 times a month according to the Labor Code
  • Fully official income as specified in the labor contract
  • Stable growth


  • Training at the company's expense
  • Real professional development through participation in diverse projects
  • Career growth

Protection and support

  • VHI (voluntary health insurance) with dentistry, a wide choice of clinics
  • Quick resolution of various issues
  • We believe that healthy and happy employees are the key to our company's success and prosperity. That is why we organize regular active corporate events. We are confident that it helps to increase physical activity, reduce stress and improve the overall well-being of our team.
  • We also recognize the importance of work flexibility and understand that for many, working from home can be a huge advantage. We provide a convenient remote working experience that promotes productivity and personal comfort.
  • Our employees report a good attitude on the part of our management. We value everyone and strive to create a friendly and supportive work environment. We are always open to ideas and suggestions.
  • We are proud of our corporate culture, which is based on the values of mutual assistance, cooperation and development. We support sharing and learning among our team so that each employee can develop, learn new things and achieve their professional goals.
How to apply for a job?

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Interview. Put together a case study about your projects in a convenient "Task - Action - Result" format. Don't forget about hackathons, conferences.


If you have potential and a desire to develop your skills, we will definitely find a place for you in our team!

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