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Automation of software developers' tasks
IT systems development and integration
Storage and analysis of product data
Automated banking system
IDE plugin
Speeds up developer's work by using machine learning to reduce the effort required to write uniform code
  • 1

    Replication of successful solutions

    • Advices appropriate code snippets and documentation from previously completed projects.
    • Accelerates learning and immersion into the infrastructure for new developers.
    • Ensures consistency, making it easier for other team members to support the code later.
  • 2
    Natural language
    • Creates comments to help navigate through other people's code faster.
    • Understands the non-formalized tasks statement in a query.
    • Finds both program code and documentation from past projects for reuse
  • 3
    Reiteration of best practices
    • Evaluates the quality of written code based on comparison with best practices.
    • Expands the arsenal of best practices with new materials from ongoing projects.
    • Adjusts to customer methodology and standards while continuously improving through re-training.
xUnity Platform
Universal designer of complex products for financial and technological companies
  • 1

    Universal functional blocks

    No need to design processes from scratch allows to reduce the system implementation time.

  • 2
    System integration

    Sustainable joint operation of various services is ensured by a well-designed multi-tiered system architecture with a uniform approach to data and process management, as well as a set of universal configuration tools, such as role-based access control scripts and job scheduling services.
  • 3
    Commercial use of the program elements has begun with major players in the Russian financial market developing their own ecosystems.
xUnity Catalog
System for product data handling
  • 1
    A single source for all product information
    • Product documentation: system requirements, user manuals.
    • Marketing information: pictures, videos, documents, presentations.
    • Data on potential customers and history of interaction with them
  • 2
    Quick access to information
    • Efficient information retrieval
    • Intelligent data analytics
    • Building logical conclusions based on precedents
  • 3
    Why do you need it?
    • Fast-changing business environment
    • Data silos
    • Uncoordinated data management business processes
Automated banking system
  • 1

    Implemented in Sberbank of the Russian Federation in 2013

    • 10 thousand workplaces
    • 50 million active accounts
    • 1407 branches in 10 constituent entities of Russia
  • 2
    Application architecture
    Realized on a three-tier architecture with clear separation of presentation level (thin client), application server level and database level.
  • 3
    Information security
    Meets the highest requirements of information security.
You can familiarize yourself with the xBank/CAS OFL architecture here.

The experience gained during the creation of this system helps us to design new products for financial technology companies.

The main functionality of xBank is listed below:
    • Deposit taking and account maintenance;
    • Maintenance of bank card accounts;
    • Opening and maintenance of accounts of state housing programs;
    • Opening and maintenance of impersonal accounts in precious metals;
    • Currency exchange operations;
    • Transfers in rubles and foreign currency, with and without opening of accounts.
    • List crediting operations under agreements with organizations (enterprises);
    • Transactions on long-term orders of account holders;
    • Cash operations (including collection and backing of operational cash desks);
    • Provision of individual safe deposit box services; Acceptance of payments and contributions;
    • Operations within the framework of enforcement proceedings, including maintenance of card indexes.
    • Operations with coins and bullion from precious metals;
    • Operations of retail sale of commemorative coins, lottery tickets, etc.;
    • Operations with securities and forms;
    • Operations with storage of securities under a storage agreement;
    • Operations with traveler's checks of various systems.
    • Auditor's workstation;
    • Operations on long-term orders of account holders;
    • Transactions of list entries under contracts with organizations (enterprises).
    • Manual crediting/debiting of the account;
    • Follow-up reports;
    • Monitoring of user actions;
    • Monitoring of branch operations.
    • List debit transactions;
    • Maintenance of currency exchange rate journal;
    • Maintaining invoices;
    • Transfers on request.
    • Possibility to maintain a Universal Banking Service Agreement (with all types of accounts linked to a single agreement);
    • The concept of a single client - regardless of the services provided to him by the Bank;
    • Servicing of customer accounts regardless of the Bank's subdivision where the account was opened;
    • Execution of transactions of individuals through various service channels: operational units of the Bank, self-service devices, Internet Bank.
    • Execution of one-time and long-term orders of clients on their accountsам;
    • Ведение зарплатных и корпоративных проектов (включая зачисление заработной платы и пособий на счета).
    • Fulfillment of the requirements of Federal Law No. 115-FZ dated 07.08.01 (On Combating Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds of Crime and Financing of Terrorism);
    • Work with specialized banking equipment (electronic cashiers, ATMs, bar code readers, etc.);
    • Generation of intrabank statistical and financial reports in printed and electronic form;
    • Processing of data received from external sources (STOP-LISTS, FSSP, etc.);
    • Formation and transfer of data to external consumers (systems);
    • Support of integration with all major classes of banking systems.
    • User access rights to the AC functions and stored information;
    • Maintaining a system log, which records operator and administrator actions;
    • Remote management of ABS resources (technical, information, functional, organizational);
    • Management of user access rights through electronic access requests;
    • Monitoring and auditing of ABS functioning.
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